Paatham online educational portal has been designed with an aim to explore the future of education. Paatham provides an integrated platform for benefit of educational entities like students, faculty, schools and other educational institutes. Paatham acts like an intermediary for these educational entities.

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We at Paatham understand the needs of professionals. We realize that training is essential for the growth of any individual and organization but time is a crunch factor! Hence our team is constantly devising solutions that not only makes training ACCESSIBLE at all times, but also AFFORDABLE. Paatham has committed itself to offer the best courses from across the globe to Indian students. As you explore the site, you will come across various programs that will benefit your career. Once you are on Paatham, your search for online education ends. One site has it all!

In Paatham online educational portal We strongly belive that education has to be beyond social and economical barriers.

Vision :

Paatham will be a world leader in integration of teaching, learning and technology. In addition, we will strengthen our preeminent programs and encourage the development of specific new programs that present strategic opportunities for all.

Mission :

We are changing the future of education Our mission is: