School Bus Tracking

Our School Bus Tracking system is specially designed for you to manage your fleet of buses effortlessly by transforming them into Smart Buses. This service facilitates administrative tasks that go along with ensuring the safety of a child. You stay aware of the where abouts of children at all times. Parents are also kept updated using this service.

School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking is a location based service that helps you track the safety and location of school children while in transit. Educational institutes across the country are steadily adopting this service for the safety and security of children.

A Smart Safety Solution :

Our School Bus Tracking is specially designed for you to manage your fleet of buses effortlessly by transforming them into Smart Buses. This service provides real-time information on the whereabouts of your buses. Security features like access card, live image capture can also be integrated to ensure added safety of school children.

Features Of Our School Bus Tracking System

  • Real-time tracking: Track your bus real-time on web
  • Route replay: Replay the route that a bus has taken
  • Geo-fencing: Get an alert as soon as the bus deviates from
  • defined location
  • Geo-tagging: Each bus-stop is marked on map to know bus
  • position relative to school stops
  • Parent alerts: Parents of the wards get alerts for pick-up and drop when school bus is reaching their respective stop
  • Speed estimates: Get average and real time speed
  • Over speeding alerts: Set a target speed and get SMS alert on over speed. Also, get a history of all such alerts.

Advantages Of Our School Bus Tracking System

  • End-to-end service including device, application and connectivity, means greater accountability and lower cost of ownership.
  • Access to scalable and future-proof services means you need not invest up front
  • Quick and seamless deployment helps you get started at the earliest
  • Real-time tracking and alerts help you monitor safety during transit


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