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Now you can learn anything for Free and Forever with India’s number one CBSE ICSE NCERT JAC UPB BSEB WBBSE BSE School curriculum mapped Learning App which makes concept of learning effective and easy.
Are you studying in school or preparing for an exam? Do you wish you should have more personal attention in your studies?
Introducing a fun, new way to prepare for tests and memorize vocabulary! Paatham flashcard app made by the team of IT-SCIENT, the most downloaded educational app.
Paatham is here to personalize learning to suit your individual needs. With our adaptive platform, you set your own learning goals, you learn at your own pace, enhance your strengths and address your weaknesses.
Paatham course materials and unit tests are here! Save time as you prepare for a test or catch up in class. When you take a quiz or unit test, you'll get personalized recommendations on what to study next. Paatham and unit tests are currently available in Mathematics and Science subject, and we'll be adding more topics soon!

Awesome app features

parental control app
Tricky Questions

Play Time helps the parents to assign screen time to the children. It encourages the children to be more responsible and accountable for their actions

parental control app
Easy to Play

Parents may set the school Time schedules to limit the children's device usage during the School hours.

parental control app
Daily Practice

Parents may set the Bedtime schedule to limit the children's device usage during sleeping hours.

parental control app
Learn Something New

Parents can assign Tasks such as daily chores to enrich good habits and responsible behavior in children.

E learning app
elearning app
Create Own Flashcards

Use easy authoring tools on both our mobile & tablet app.

elearning app
The perfect supplement for Exam

These e-learning material are perfect for learners who prefer self-study to gain more knowledge on a particular topic

elearning app

Tests evaluates the conceptual understanding and provide immediate insight into the performance of the children in all the three cognitive levels across the various sub-topics.

elearning app

Reports provide a snapshot of the children overall performance across subjects at three levels - Remember, Understand, and Apply.

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First app with 3-in-1 Solution. Keep a watchful eye on your children Digital activities.

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